There are so many ways to volunteer!

We need your help.

There are so many ways your time can impact the health of others.
  • Can you could help set up on Thursday?
  • Are you a dentist who can provide care?
  • Maybe you’ll help patients get to the right location?
  • Can you be an interpreter (Spanish, Signers, or other language)?
  • Or, even support the dental professionals and other volunteers by helping with food and drinks?

Find out more about the many roles we need to fill over the three days below or click the button to volunteer today!

There is a job that is perfect for everyone …


Your generous gift of time and talent will make a BIG difference … as well as create a lot of smiles.¬†

The list below show many of the ways you can get involved as a volunteer.

With so many roles to fill, there is sure to be one that is perfect for you. Please consider volunteering today.

When you click on the button, you’ll be directed to our signup.com page where you can pick the day, role and time that works best for you.

Thanks for your support!

Help Unload the Truck

We will be unloading a semi truck on Thursday and placing the dental equipment into the gym of Hedgesville High School. 

We will need a certified fork lift operator. 

We will need people that can lift heavy items as well as help set up the gym area under the direction of the Team Coordinator.

Setup and Tear Down Captain

Team Captain for facility management will build a team ( 15 -20) to set up and tear down for clinic. This involves obtaining 2 compressors, a sump pump, drain pipes, electrical, and oversight of all dental setup.  We need a team familiar with loading and unloading large equipment (forklift operator), and maintenance of equipment. 15 to 20 on Thursday and end of day Saturday. To have people on sight during the clinic to troubleshoot any issues.

Set up Team

This team will help set up several areas in the High School under the direction of a Team Coordinator.  You will need to be able to lift folding chairs, assist 6 foot long tables, put up canopies and other duties as assigned. Ability to stand for long periods of time, walking, lifting and work in a team environment. You will report to a Team Coordinator

Food Service

Food service will be needed to feed volunteers a snack in the morning and lunch at noon. Then another shift from 3 PM to 6 PM for snack and light dinner. We will need a group of people to prepare food and drink off site and bring in to serve the volunteers that day.


We will need a team of interpreters  for Friday and Saturday during clinic hours ( ex. Spanish, French, Jamaican Creole, Signers).

Each individual that needs interpretation will be followed through the clinic until discharged. We will  have orientation on Thursday evening.  You Team Coordinator is Pastor Odimir Rivas.


Registration of patients that will be the first clients on Friday morning. We will register around 70-80 people on Thursday.

Registration Desk

The volunteer needs to be comfortable with entering data into a computer and ability to sit 
for long periods of time.  You will be interacting with all the clients in a professional,
 confidential and calm manner. 
You will be oriented to the software,computers,& scanning printers by the Data management
Team Coordinator is SuAnna McCauley.

Volunteer Check-in

Your our responsibility will be to greet the volunteers and show them where to go to their station the following clinic days.  You will also need to orient to the system we will be using on Thursday evening for checking in and checking out on Friday and Saturday. You will have the opportunity to practice that evening as we will have a few volunteers there to screen our first clients for the Friday clinic.

Volunteer Security Team

We need a volunteer team to assist with security in and out of the facility under the direction of Facility Manager and Deputies.   We would prefer people that have some experience in doing security at events. You must be aware of all the rules of the facility and take direction from the Team leaders. We reserve the right to dismiss you from duties if unable to take direction form leaders. The orientation will be Thursday evening time to be announced.

Team Leader for Comfort Stations

Team leader to  to organize and supervise all comfort stations which includes porta potties, tents, table and chairs for water and snacks.  Will ensure all areas remain sanitary and clean.

You will supervise the team on your shift and report to you Team Coordinator.

Parking Attendants

We need a team to direct parking at James Rumsey Parking lot and at Hedgesville High School.  We will have orientation on Thursday evening and give your assignments. We need team leaders for each shift.  Your Team Coordinator is Donna VanMetre please contact her if will to be a team leader or with any questions.  Team will take direction form shift leader and coordinator.

Tear Down

You will work as a team to tear down the dental clinic. You must be able to lift heavy objects and move about freely on uneven surfaces. We will need a forklift operator, plumber and electrician on site during the tear down process.


Dentists will provide basic cleanings, fillings, and extractions. ¬†The dentist will also be supervising and working‚Äč with a team of dental team professionals. ¬†All dentist must follow good infection control standards, OSHA sterilization and disinfection standards.¬†

Dentists for Screenings

The Dentists will be a part of the screening process for the first group of clients to be seen on Friday morning. The Dentists will determine the treatment plan for the client for the following day -such as oral surgery, cleaning, root canal.  The dentist will also be supervising and  working with a team of dental team professionals.  All dentist must follow good infection control standards, OSHA sterilization and disinfection standards. 

Dentists for Triage

Dentists to triage clients for diagnosis and plan of treatment for the day and for the following day for overflow . Dentists will follow infection control standards, OSHA and sterilization standards.  There is orientation on Thursday evening so you may see your station and know what equipment is available. You will be working as a team and supervising dental students, technicians and hygienists on your team. Please come 10 minutes before your shift for hand off report.

Team Coordinators are Dr Lance Pittman & Dr Joshua Wright

Medical Triage

Medical Professionals: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurses

This team will triage each patient to assure that each client is medically released to have dental treatment.  This will involve vital signs, blood glucose screening, and medical histories and review of medications.  You will need to bring your own stethoscope. The rest will be supplied.  Each person should have a license to practice.  If you are out of state please check with your Board to request requirements for you to volunteer at this clinic. We need a medical provider to be the team leader for each shift. 

Dentists Anesthesia

Dentists to administer anesthesia utilizing universal precautions, OSHA and sterilization standards. Standing/bending for long periods of time.  Timing with Flow team and other dental professionals on administering anesthetic as there is not too much down time. You will be responsible for the supervision of professionals, students, administrative, and technical staff on your team. There will be orientation Thursday evening to your station and equipment and supplies available to you.

Team Coordinators are Dr lance Pittman and Dr Joshua Wright

Dental Hygienist

The Dental Hygienist will review medical histories, perform oral cancer screening, expose diagnostic radiography, periodontal screening and treatment, remove hard and soft deposits above and below the gum-line, polishes teeth and educates patients on correct oral hygiene.  The hygienist will use Universal precautions, follow OSHA sterilization and disinfection standards. There will be an orientation on Thursday evening to your station. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to shift.

Dental Assistant

The dental assistant will be responsible for setting up operatives for treatments, expose radiography, review and update medical histories for clients, and assists the Dentist during treatment. The assistant will follow universal precautions, OSHA sterilization and disinfection standards. There will be orientation on Thursday evening for your assigned area.

Dental students

Dental students are very welcome to join us!  It is a 2 day event and we can help you set up a schedule for the students. Please contact Dr Lance Pittman or Dana Rodriquez ( Dental Hygienist) if you have a group of students to come join us in helping our community.


Will perform radiology on clients prior to being seen by the dentists for triage. Must have experience with Nomad and panoramic radiology.


We need a lead pharmacist and Techs and students to administer dose packs of antibiotics and OTC analgesics to patients on discharge . We need the dose packs made ahead of time with instructions- also we need some of you to give a few hours the week before the event to set these up

Infection Control Team

A team of professionals that will overlook the clinic and ensure Universal Precautions, OSHA and Sterilization standards are utilized through out the treatment areas and sterilization area.

You will report to the OSHA Director for this event.

Flow Team

Flow Team members will assist patients in getting to their next station and providing emotional support to those that are anxious about seeing the dentist and getting treatment.There will be orientation on Thursday evening for your assigned areas.

You will report directly to your Team Coordinator.

Data Management

Data management involves assisting with printing x-rays, scanning medical records and shredding paper records.  This is a highly confidential area to work within and absolutely no one is to share patient record information with anyone without authorization of the Team Leader/Coordinator. There will be an orientation to all the equipment and processes on Thursday evening by the data management company. This job entails talking with the clients and directing them to the next area. You will be sitting and standing for long periods of time. 

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